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It's true – I've been making myself and other VERY WEALTHY for a decade but before then my story was not the stuff of legend. I was living paycheck to paycheck in a career that was supposed to be “high potential”. What a joke!

Here's what the high potential truly was: high potential for me to die of a heart attack before my 40th birthday thanks to working 12 to 15-hour days for an embarrassingly low wage while my boss was reaping the financial rewards, high potential for me to get more and more in credit card debt trying to make ends meet.

The stress to get my boss to notice the difference I was making was off the charts. I was getting sick mentally, emotionally and physically. It all came to a head when I passed out at my desk. My colleagues thought I had gone into cardiac arrest! I was checked into the hospital for exhaustion, which only added to my debt stress. A vicious cycle!

I was swimming in collection notices and bills. My friends and family wanted to help me, but they had no idea where to begin. I was incredibly depressed and was on the brink of doing something drastic.

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